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Welcome to [Raiders of Apocalypse]`s Page!
A raiding-guild on the server Genjuros. For the moment we have 2x10man raidgroups going on.´In very short future we will change those 2x10man raidgroups into 1x25 man team. Atm we are recruiting for that future 25man raiding team.
Are you interessted to have fun while raiding but still get the great progress? Then this guild might be the one for you, and you might be the player we are looking for. Remember the trust to the guild and being a great team mate makes the Guilds going good.
Make an Application on our forum
///Raiders of Apocalypse Crew

Guild Progress

Blackwing Descent
Magmaw -> Downed!
Omnitron Defense System -> Downed!
Maloriak -> Downed!
Atramedes -> In Progress!
Chimaeron -> N/A
Nefarian -> N/A

Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Wind -> Downed!
Al'Akir -> In Progress!

Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker -> Downed!
Valiona and Theralion-> Downed!
Twilight Ascendants -> N/A
Cho'gall -> N/A
Sinestra (heroic) -> N/A



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